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David Clark

President Clinton introduces David Clark, Smokey Robinson and P&G CEO Bob McDonald at The Clinton Global Initiative to announce the new social-media platform created by DCC

David Clark Cause (DCC) is a global leader in creating cause-related brands and initiatives. For almost two decades, founder David Clark has been creating brands that leverage the iconic stature and cultural currency of world-renowned individuals and organizations. His ideas have raised millions of dollars and unprecedented awareness for some of the greatest causes of our time.
Clark recognizes the cultural currency that iconic people and organizations possess, whether world leaders, dignitaries or celebrities, governments, corporations or NGO’s, and has a proven track record of creating unique cause platforms for them. Clark also understands the importance of identifying key historic anchors that can be used to inspire, and lead people and organizations into the future.
David Clark

David Clark discusses DCC initiatives at The Cannes International Festival of Creativity in Cannes France

He is renowned for creating major values-driven events and intellectual property that elevate the human condition. By creating proprietary cause brands, intellectual property, events and campaigns in all forms of media, Clark creates humanitarian solutions that break through the clutter to reach and resonate with the masses.
Regarded as an international thought leader in creating unique cause brands and platforms, Clark has been a featured speaker at global forums such as The Clinton Global Initiative in New York, The Cannes International Festival of Creativity in Cannes France, regional events such as Startup Phenomenon in Boulder and The Clinton Global Initiative University in Phoenix, along with Universities such as Trinity College Dublin and New York University in NYC.
Clark “team builds” for each project by selecting leading professionals around the world to execute the various elements of each endeavor. By working with clients to identify their goals, leverage their assets and create dynamic strategic alliances, DCC creates authentic cause brands and initiatives that both inspire and endure.

Select initiatives created by Clark include:


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