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President Bill Clinton introduces David Clark, Smokey Robinson and Robert McDonald,

David Clark, Smokey Robinson, Robert McDonald, President Bill Clinton


President Bill Clinton introduces Flash Flood For Good creator David Clark, music icon Smokey Robinson and P&G CEO Robert McDonald at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative. Launched in front of a global audience and dozens of Heads of State, President Clinton pledged his support for the new digital platform created by David Clark and his team (i.e, Cause Flash).
Flash Flood For Good was supported by President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and dozens of celebrities, dignitaries, charities, brands, and the public, and was globally launched from the Clinton Global Initiative to raise awareness and funds for children in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Myanmar so they could receive clean water through the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program distributed by leading water provider World Vision Water.
Once Flash Flood For Good was launched, dignitaries, athletes, and entertainment personalities invited the public to donate funds and their own social media voices so they could swell Flash Flood for Good by adding their digital voice to the call to action, so every $10 donation generated provided one child with clean drinking water for an entire year. Launched from the Clinton Global Initiative, the most prestigious philanthropic stage in the world, the collective social media voice of those participating was over 547 million people strong.
The Flash Flood for Good campaign was driven by a new digital community platform created by David Clark, which is the precursor to the Cause Flash digital engine which aggregates social media voices to raise awareness and funds for a cause or a purpose.
Procter & Gamble’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Pritchard stated: “At P&G, we innovate to make everyday life better, so providing our water purification technology to help save lives is the highest expression of who we are. We’ve seen this innovation make a difference in the lives of people around the world, and we were excited to partner with Flash Flood for Good to share clean drinking water with children who need it most.”