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Water Now 2015

Water Now cause flash banner

Water Now cause flash

THE IDEA: Create a cause brand to raise awareness and funds so people can have access to clean water, and promote it globally via a Cause Flash.
THE BRAND: In 2014 David Clark creates “Water Now,” a cause brand driven by the Cause Flash social media platform which raise unprecedented awareness and funds so vulnerable people around the world can have access to clean water via the largest and most renown water charity  – World Vision Water.
THE RESULTS: Clark partners with UN Water’s World Water Day and with celebrities that include Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Pitbull and Fergie, and launches a Water Now Cause Flash on March 11, 2015 with an initial social media voice of 523 million people. By empowering celebrities and the public to easily join the campaign via the Cause Flash digital platform, the social media reach of the clean water initiative quickly swelled to over 800 million people in just seven days.
The Cause Flash platform allows supporters to easily re-tweet and forward Water Now call-to-action posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. When the social media voice was combined with the re-tweets and posts of engaged followers, the overall social media voice of the Water Now campaign topped one billion people on UN World Water Day, making it the largest clean water social media campaign in history.


“It is such an honor to partner with UN Water’s World Water Day, in order to support World Vision, the largest and most effective non-governmental agency delivering clean water to the developing world today,” said Water Now and Cause Flash Founder, David Clark. “We’re also very grateful to all participating celebrities and the public who lent their social media voices so children could have something as simple as clean water.”
The Water Now global initiative united dignitaries, celebrities, and social advocates who all shared a Water Now Cause Flash link urging people to donate funds and lend their own social media voices (Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followers) so children could receive clean water via World Vision Water’s ongoing work.
This campaign provided fresh, clean water to children in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mali, Zambia, and Mozambique through World Vision Water. “We are honored to be the charity of choice for Water Now, to help more children get clean drinking water,” said Dr. Greg Allgood, Vice President of Water at World Vision. “The outpouring of support from the celebrities was truly amazing, and we’re grateful to be a part of an effort with a social media voice of 1 billion people.”
An independent study conducted by one of the premier academic groups in water research, the University of North Carolina Water Institute, showed that nearly 80 percent of World Vision wells studied continued to function at high levels even after 20 years (World Vision blog). To be a part of the Water Now global initiative, dignitaries, celebrities, and social advocates tweeted and posted leading up to United Nations World Water Day, and shared a Cause Flash link to donate directly to World Vision Water. World Vision believes every child deserves clean water, and are committed to doing everything possible to help solve the global water crisis within our lifetime.