About Cause Flash

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Cause Flash top pic.001Cause Flash is a unique digital platform that aggregates the social-media voices of renowned celebrities, organizations and the public, to raise global awareness and funds for important causes and campaigns.  By amplifying the power of followers and fans, Cause Flash instantly launches focused appeals to address some of the greatest issues of the day.
The concept is simple, at a prearranged date for a specific cause a social media barrage is launched en masse which consists of the aggregated “Social Media Voices” (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram followers) of prominent individuals, organizations and the public at large so a specific message instantly posts to everyone’s social media feeds, which in turn instantly invites everyone who receives them to opt their own social media voices into the Cause Flash to amplify it.  By initiating these digital wildfires for good, Cause Flash is leading the charge to address some of the most pressing issues of the day.
Cause Flash creator David Clark observes, “People rely on their social media communities and mobile phones as never before.  There’s an unprecedented opportunity here to reach and mobilize people around the world for social change. Just think about the critical role social media played in facilitating the Arab Spring,” Clark continues, “Cause Flash is a social media platform designed to support a branded call to action which will blitz causes with enormous exposure so they get the attention they deserve – instantly.”
The Social Media Voice of each Cause Flash is calculated by aggregating the number of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers of all the participants.